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A brilliant career not

Mary ran to the police station bruised and bleeding.

She had just been savagely beaten up by her ex-partner.

She reached the police station, rushed to the desk, and told the police officer behind the desk what had happened.

The policeman calmly wrote out a report on the incident.

He opened a file.

“Thank you, we’ll look into it,” he told Mary, as he put the file away.

Mary stared at him. The violence had happened a number of times before. Each time it happened she filed a police report. Each time the police officer – Lawrence Cutajar – opened a file on the incident and told her that he would be looking into it. He never did.

Three weeks later she was dead. Buried six feet under the ground.

Replace “Mary” with “Malta”.

It is the story of Malta. A Malta that was raped, ravaged and pillaged by corrupt politicians, criminals and money-launderers. While its police commissioner chose to wilfully ignore it all.

Thanks to him, Malta’s reputation is in the mud, it’s economy endangered.

Thanks to him, impunity and lawlessness have become the order of the day

Thanks to him, a woman was assassinated.

What he did was criminal.

His resignation must not be the end of the story.

Will the next commissioner investigate him?


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