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A place in hell

There must be an exclusive (and rather large) place in hell for politicians who unabashedly and profusely spout lies and empty promises. Yet politicians’ gaslighting is a normalised daily occurrence in Maltese politics. Lies are propagated at a dizzying rate, lies that beggar belief, like when we were told that Malta’s grey-listing by FATF was some golden opportunity for Malta.

Perhaps the biggest lie of late was the Prime Minister’s apology to the nation when the public inquiry report into the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia and the role of the state in it was published. That was two months ago. Yet when one is sorry, one does not stop at making an apology. One tries to make amends, to curb the impunity that made the assassination possible, and to ensure nothing of the sort ever happens again. And two months later, not a single recommendation found in the report has been implemented by the Prime Minister. So the apology was nothing but a lie, mere lip service.

How can someone’s apology be taken seriously when two months down the line none of the report’s recommendations (made by three eminent judges) have as yet been implemented?

When the Prime Minister made his apology, he was simply going through the motions.

It’s essential that we all never stop fighting to ensure that the recommendations in the public inquiry report are implemented. It’s time to put an end to impunity. It’s time to put truth into politics. And the only way it will happen is if we make our voice heard. Each and every one of us without exception.



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