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A sense of entitlement

Patrick Dalli who is the husband of EU Commissioner and former minister Helena Dalli saw it fit and proper to hurl insults at the Chief Justice because he did not agree with a judgement the Chief Justice passed with regards to a breach of rights case filed by one of the couple’s sons.

Patrick Dalli demanded that the Chief Justice provide the reasons for his decision and also explain why the case had taken so long to conclude.

“You should be ashamed of yourself!” Dalli shouted at the judge inside the courtroom. “Mafia! Mafia! Corruption, freemasonry and Opus Dei!,” he yelled, as ushers rushed to contain him and escort him out of the courtroom. The Times of Malta

Only a man with a humongous sense of entitlement would do such a thing. Not even hardened criminals do these things. But Patrick Dalli does. How dare the Chief Justice cross him!

Men like Patrick Dalli think they can do whatever they like, wherever they like, whenever they like. They have no sense of decency. All they have are delusions of grandeur and an inflated sense of self-importance, which tend to reach colossal proportions when impunity reigns.

It’s not his first attack on the judicial system.

Of course, opportunists will never fail to seize an opportunity – Rosianne Cutajar immediately issued a statement defending him and criticising the court’s decision.

Malta has really gone to the dogs under Labour. It’s really time to oust them.

There is no other solution.



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