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Beyond evil

It seems to me that there’s a rather questionable aspect to a website devoted to persuading people that the alleged mastermind behind Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination is not Yorgen Fenech and that is hellbent on alleging that her husband and son may have had something to do with the assassination.

One has to wonder what the agenda of the person behind the website is, though one has only to go through a few articles to see that it is a major source of disinformation and conspiracy theories of all sorts.

Corinne Vella, Daphne’s sister, put up a post on Facebook some time back which best summarises the facts regarding the people involved in Daphne’s assassination.

7 men have either confessed to killing Daphne or are in custody awaiting trial. 2 are state witnesses. 2 have been sentenced to 40 years each, payment of 40,000+ court expenses each (convertible to a prison sentence in case of non-payment), and seizure of assets that are the proceeds of their crime. 2 are implicated in supplying the murder weapon and are in custody awaiting trial. 1 is implicated in conspiring to murder and financing the crime, including paying the hired assassins. None of this happened by chance. It’s down to a small group of people working at great risk to themselves. That’s a summary of the facts. For entertainment, refer to Netflix Corinne Vella Facebook post October 19 2022

It’s worth noting that only people who are guilty of a crime request a presidential pardon, for otherwise there is nothing to pardon. Yorgen Fenech requested a presidential pardon. More than once, in various fora.

The person behind the website – Simon Mercieca – has no regard for the fact that a woman, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister was brutally assassinated, and for the trauma the whole matter had on the family.

That’s beyond evil.


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