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Breaking: Keith Schembri will not be attending protest against Keith Schembri

Embattled prime minister’s chief of staff Keith Schembri has said that he will not be attending tonight’s protest. The protesters are seeking to have him removed from office.

When interviewed by this portal he said that the fact that he set up a secret company a few days after PL was elected in 2013 to receive 5,000 euros a day from another secret company owned by a businessman (who was yet to win a huge tender dubiously) should not raise suspicions of corruption.

He categorically denied being a crook.

However he did say that should anyone say that he is corrupt, he will not hold it against them and sue them, so as not to prejudice ongoing magisterial inquiries into his alleged corruption, and in fact dropped one such ongoing libel case, avoiding the need to waste the court’s time hearing his testimony.

He also told this news portal that he was not worried as the Prime Minister Joseph Muscat had his back.


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