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He raved and he ranted

He gave a performance that could have earned him an Oscar alongside the title he already carries of 2019 PERSON OF THE YEAR IN ORGANIZED CRIME AND CORRUPTION.

It was supposed to be a speech endorsing Alex (Agius) Saliba – aka Tander in his run for MEP in the coming European Parliament elections in June.

Instead, it was one narcissistic rant, extolling his own virtues and his past achievements. He pulled no punches. He tried to ridicule Roberta Metsola, who he can never forgive for her refusing to shake his hand, and for having achieved a top post in the European Union – something he coveted but never managed.

He told us how serene he is about being the subject of a criminal investigation (but then tries to have the inquiring magistrate removed), and that he is not afraid of ending up in jail, because his predecessors were not afraid of going to hell – let alone jail. He seems to have accepted the fact that he is going to end up in jail.

Of course, he had to mention abortion. It’s always a good distraction when he wants attention deflected from him.

The performance reeked of desperation. Muscat is realising that slowly but surely, the noose is eventually tightening, and that he will inevitably have to face justice. He believes that he still commands a strong enough following to replace the rule of law in with mob rule. He’s wrong, he doesn’t. Plus he has the same people on the side of rule of law who booted him out of office to deal with.

I’m sure Alex (nee Saliba before he acquired his wife’s surname to be further up the ballot sheet) was glad he invited disgraced former prime minister Joseph Muscat to his do to endorse him for the MEP elections. He gave him a platform and got nothing in return, or at best made some enemies within the Labour party establishment.

That’s what happens when you invite a snake to your party.



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