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He’s clutching at straws

As details about the laundromat that was being run by those closest to Joseph Muscat when he was Prime Minister emerge, it has become clear that it is hardly possible that Muscat was unaware of it all. Joseph Muscat may be many things, but he is far from stupid.

When the current Prime Minister – Robert Abela, Muscat’s anointed – was asked questions by the press on his predecessor Muscat and his ties to Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri, Abela answered by saying the former Labour leader was “no longer part of government”.

But the fact remains that Muscat led a government rife with crooks and when this became clear and was pointed out to him, he defended them and their actions with all his might.

Which begs the question – why did he do so?

Why didn’t Muscat put an end to all the crime the minute he became aware of it? Was it because he had a vested interest in it?

He was most certainly instrumental in creating and enabling the environment that allowed it to happen.

Abela cannot brush all this off with such a puerile answer, or distract us from it by bringing to the fore of the national agenda controversial issues (as Labour does when the kitchen gets a bit too hot).

He may also want to recall that he was legal advisor to the Prime Minister and the Cabinet and attended Cabinet meetings while all this impunity, crime and corruption were at their peak. And that when he became Prime Minister he retained the same Cabinet that oversaw Malta’s transformation into a cesspool of crime and corruption, and a heaven and a haven for scammers, fraudsters and money-launderers.



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