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He screamed bloody murder

There is no shortage of men having no spine in Maltese politics. The President of Malta – Dr George Vella – is a prime example.

Throughout his tenure as Minister and then President –

He had nothing to say about all the kleptocracy, corruption, nepotism and cronyism that his party – the Labour Party – bought to the country immediately the party rose to power.

He had nothing to say about the unfettered impunity that reigns in the country, about how the Rule of Law has been decimated or about how Malta has been transformed into a haven for money-launderers and criminals of all sorts by his party.

He had nothing to say about the rape of Malta, its transformation from an idyllic Mediterranean island to a concrete jungle on his party’s watch.

But as soon as it was known that a block of apartments was to be built in the road where his house lies, he started screaming bloody murder.



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