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Ira’s deceit

The Shift News revealed that Ira Losco is promoting Labour politicians on public contract (i.e. at the taxpayer’s expense).

Her brief is to put up posts on her enjoying Project Green sites along with her family, and tagging the personal pages of Minister Miriam Dalli and prospective MEP candidate Steve Ellul, who Dalli has chosen to run the agency and its €700 million budget.

When confronted by The Shift over her posts, which do not do not indicate in any way that they are sponsored as normally required by advertising standards, her answer was:

I do not really see anything wrong with this to tell you the truth. Ira Losco

And this is exactly the problem that this country faces. Nobody sees anything as wrong – unless you can get caught and jailed for it. Just getting caught out is not even a problem any more. Because there are no consequences. Decency, ethics, appropriateness, propriety have all been discarded and forsaken. Transparency and accountability have gone out of the window.

The underlying attitude is “u iva, mhux xorta, x’fiha b’daqshekk”.

There’s a dearth of this virtue called integrity.

“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.” C.S.Lewis

Ira Losco has chosen deceit over integrity. It’s the Labour way.



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