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Labour and the Rule of Law

Protestors - protesting against attacks on the judiciary and media
Image: The Malta Independent - 16th May 2024

The Rule of Law and democracy in Malta are under siege, and it's a war of attrition. The four pillars of democracy are being attacked, and we cannot allow this.

The executive pillar of democracy has been emasculated of its integrity, with government agencies and institutions overrun by Labour apparatchiks. All agencies and institutions are headed by a Labour crony, often a Labour MP (so much for separation of powers). The agencies and institutions themselves serve the faithful and protect them. The legislative pillar has been silenced by shutting it down. The judiciary has come under an unprecedented, heavy attack by Prime Minister Robert Abela, disgraced former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, all the cabinet ministers and Labour MPs and propagandists. And of course, subsequently the Labour faithful. The media is constantly the subject of vicious attacks by the Labour Party.

The Labour Party is prepared to go to great lengths and exact a heavy price to ensure its survival, which hangs in the balance following the outcome of the Vitals Hospitals magisterial inquiry. The price - democracy - will be paid by the Maltese citizen. This does not worry the Labour Party. Democracy was never the Labour Party's thing. What worries the Labour Party is its survival. And to survive, it has to remain in government. That's why the battle is being turned from one of justice and the Rule of Law to mob rule, defined by the popular vote. The Rule of Law is not upheld by a popular vote, but by its guardians, the law courts. Yet the Labour Party has indoctrinated its faithful otherwise, distorting democracy, possibly in an irreparable way.

The erosion of the Rule of Law, democracy, justice, human rights, and freedom, has a price, and we must all decide whether we are prepared to pay that price. If not, we must battle to preserve the Rule of Law. Anyone who puts this battle aside for political reasons, or because of personal interests is a threat to our democracy, our freedoms, and our rights.

We all know that this is happening. We all see the events unfolding before our eyes. Each of us must now make a decision. We're either going to fight this out, however long and hard the road may be, or we can sit on the fence, watching as we march towards a state where the Rule of Law, democracy, justice, human rights and freedom are history.

Let us choose wisely.



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