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The MEP hopeful made it to the news for moaning that the environment is being protected excessively and decried the enforcement of environmental crimes.

Of course, she is sucking up to the hunters and trappers, hoping to endear them to her so that they will vote for her.

Only a while ago, she wrote a piece that appeared on The Times of Malta, hitting out at banks for enforcing anti-money laundering legislation. She conveniently forgot to mention that it was the Labour party that transformed this island into a haven for criminals and money-launderers, and landed us in the FATF grey-list.

She is a protege of Miriam Dalli who had put her on the state payroll on a salary of €43,000 a year for 30-hour weeks - in breach of OPM rules. Her job duties - unclear.

What is clear is that this is a woman who is comfortable with cronyism, iced buns and impunity and who cares little for the environment and for good governance.

And she wants to represent Malta in the European Parliament.


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