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Nothing to see, move on

Relax dear Labour supporter and activist, nothing happened. Someone who formed part of the Labour movement in the past made a few mistakes, but all is well now, and we can all put our minds at ease as the institutions are functioning well. And you can’t tar the whole Labour party, the whole government with the same brush just because a single person made some mistakes can you?

This is the narrative, the spin, being promulgated by our Prime Minister Robert Abela as well as Labour apologists and propogandists.

The simple answer is yes, we can, and we will. Because Keith Schembri WAS the government for a full six years. He was the de facto leader of the Labour party for even longer, the master puppeteer. The Labour party allowed Keith Schembri to run it and the country as though it were his fiefdom for several years, and needs to shoulder responsibility for that. Accepting his resignation from the government or from the party is not shouldering responsibility.

And what Keith Schembri did were not mistakes, they were heinous crimes. Please do call out anyone who terms them mistakes.

The whole party sat back and allowed Schembri to perpetrate his agenda, execute his business plan, work out his retirement plan. Everyone knew what was going on; heck, all the world knew. But we were told to let the institutions do their job, institutions that had been hijacked and emasculated. They couldn’t do their job.

The Labour party has a lot to answer for. It has allowed Malta to become a centre for organised crime. And it can’t run or hide from its responsibilities.

It’s time for the Labour party to put an end to the fealty, to the apologetics, to the excuses. It’s time people within the Labour party took a stand, called a spade a spade, and swept out all those who closed an eye to all the sleaze and muck that was going on, those who enabled it and those who facilitated it.

Otherwise, we can count on a Hydra being created; one Keith Schembri goes down, another two crop up, raising their ugly heads within the Labour party, and eventually within the government.



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