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Opening a Pandora’s Box

Robert Abela’s undoing may well have come about with Wednesday’s vote in Parliament shooting down the setting up of a public inquiry into twenty-year-old Jean Paul’s Sofia’s tragic death.

The scene of the family’s anger and anguish in Parliament’s Strangers’ Gallery touched the hearts of many. Even hard-core Labour activists are finding it hard to understand and justify Robert Abela’s stone walling of the setting up of a public inquiry into the tragedy of Jean Paul Sofia’s death.

It’s becoming clear that the whole affair threatens to lift the lid on the cosy and corrupt relationship between the construction industry and the PL, and the extent of the impunity with which the construction industry operates. It’s no wonder that Abela is so vehemently resisting a public inquiry, despite public opinion being so strongly and manifestly against him. To say that the outcome of a public inquiry would be an embarrassment to him and his government would be an understatement.

Besides, the whole matter reeks of corruption. And the only people who fear and resist justice are the corrupt, those associated with corruption and those who enable corruption.

Abela is trying his utmost to pressure the inquiring magistrate to wrap up the inquiry to ensure that the inquiry is superficial and merely scratches the surface, so that he can emerge out of this saga unscathed, but the likelihood of his surviving the determination and tenacity of Jean Paul Sofia’s mother is nil.

We need to support Jean Paul’s mother in her quest to ensure that justice is dispensed and that such tragedies do not ever happen again.



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