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Please sign the petition

It’s brazenly shameful and hypocritical of the Labour government to resist the calls for a public inquiry into the needless death of a twenty-year-old man. A public inquiry would show whether the government has fulfilled all its positive obligations to ensure Jean Paul Sofia’s right to life. In other words, whether the state has failed in its duty to protect Jean Paul Sofia’s life.

A government with a clean conscience and a track record of good governance would have nothing to hide or fear. A government with any sort of conscience would want to know how future tragedies could be avoided. A government with no conscience would not want the truth to emerge. It’s that simple.

For a government to vehemently resist the pleas of a mother who has lost her all, the calls from the opposition, public figures, NGOs and the independent media, can mean only one thing – a cover-up operation.

What is saddening and shameful is that all the Labour MPs intend voting in Parliament against the setting up of a public inquiry. What is saddening and shameful is that Labour MPs will chose tribalism over truth, impunity over Rule of Law. What is saddening and shameful is seeing people’s representatives in the highest institution in the land who have no backbone.

We need to do all we can to ensure that the public inquiry is set up. It can save countless lives. It can address injustices. It can bring closure to a mother’s heart ripped apart by the senseless death of her son.

Sign the petition.

The Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation



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