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Politically exposed persons

The Commissioner for Standards in Public Life has dismissed a request by Arnold Cassola for an investigation into an alleged ethical breach – the refusal by the CEO of Malta Enterprise Kurt Farrugia to supply information requested by the Auditor-General in the investigation into the government’s hospitals concession to Vitals/Steward.

His reasoning is that Kurt Farrugia, is not a PEP – politically exposed person.

The Commissioner may want to update his definition of a Politically Exposed Person. He can find a suitable definition on the MFSA website. It defines PEPs as individuals entrusted with a “prominent public function”. Moreover the MFSA guidance goes on to say “Family members of PEPs and persons known to be close associates of PEPs are subject to the same EDD (enhanced due diligence) measures that are applicable to PEPs in view of the similar higher risk that they pose.”

Kurt Farrugia is a political appointee to a prominent public function. There can be no doubt about that.

This Commissioner has already proven his unconditional allegiance to the Labour government in his short time as Standards Czar. No wonder Labour wanted him as Commissioner at all costs and no other. Expect more of the same shameful behaviour from him.


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