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Presumed innocent

Michael Stivala who heads the powerful Malta Developers Association (MDA) has stuck his neck out in defence of disgraced former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat. He did this as a rebuttal of a magistrate’s inquiry which states that there is enough evidence to suspect that Joseph Muscat was (is) involved in corruption and money-laundering.

Stivala actually made this statement in his own defence, to justify his employing Joseph Muscat as a consultant immediately Muscat was booted out of office.

There is nothing illegal in Stivala’s appointment of Muscat as a consultant. But everything about it is all wrong from so many different aspects. The fact that Stivala sees nothing amiss about employing a PEP, a former Prime Minister who was booted out of office in disgrace, on whose watch Malta was transformed into a den of iniquity, a haven for criminals and money-launderers, and who is himself suspected by the law of corruption and money-laundering is all warped.

Muscat is a man who received an award for being the PERSON OF THE YEAR IN ORGANIZED CRIME AND CORRUPTION in 2019, while in office.

All Muscat’s consultancies have been the subject of serious journalistic investigations that have shown them to stink to high heaven. And they all came in a flurry immediately he was booted out as Prime Minister. That same year he earned a whopping €482k in consultancies. He also declared a whopping €260k in expenses…

Michael Stivala thinks that we are naïve enough or stupid enough not to see something wrong with his employing Muscat as a consultant. Well we’re not. A man with a business empire should do his due diligence well when employing a consultant. Muscat certainly would not pass any due diligence test, under any circumstances. Why employ Joseph Muscat of all people?

“If it is not right do not do it; if it is not true do not say it.” Marcus Aurelius


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