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Principled, sitting on the fence, or mercenary?

The news cycle has been for the past 7 years been dominated by one central theme. An infinitely flowing river of documented evidence of corruption at the highest level that exposed a country overtaken by kleptocrats, run by organised crime and freemasonry style relationships in the highest echelons of our government.

All this evidence has not translated into convictions as yet. As the author of this quote put it:

′′There are two kinds of thieves: the ordinary one who steals your money, your bag, your watch… and a politician thief who steals your future, your salary, your health. The difference is that the first advises being searched by the police, the second one is being protected by the police ′′ – Hermann Hesse

I would add – and protected by the institutions (those that we are constantly told are working superbly).

And then there are the enablers (the Brian Tonnas and Karl Cinis)

And those who close an eye to evil (for example Evarist Bartolo), even though they are in a position to change things. The hypocrites, the cowards. They are guilty by omission.

It’s about time we stopped putting up with all this. We don’t have to. We deserve better, much better. But democracy, justice and fairness never just happened. They were always bought about, wrought at a cost.

Pity that there are still too few yet who do not consider the values of democracy, justice and fairness worth the cost. Pity that there are still too many that sit on the fence, hoping that all that is wrong in this country will go away on its own or that someone else will do their job (duty) for them. Pity that there are still too many who think that all this impunity does not or will not affect them; they are horribly misguided. Pity that there are still too many who hide their heads in the sand.

And so, this is a war of attrition. Those with purpose and principle vs the mercenaries. You’d be surprised at the heights a small group of people defending their beliefs can reach. You’d be surprised at their unyielding perseverance and strength. And we will not stop till this country is rid of all that plagues it, that has transformed it into a country ruled by crime and corruption.



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