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Quivering with fear

Disgraced former Prime Minister and winner of the 2019 OCCRP award PERSON OF THE YEAR IN ORGANIZED CRIME AND CORRUPTION is quivering with fear.

He’s also trying to discredit all the damning reports on him by the media as well as the magisterial inquiry into his role in the hospitals concession, and spinning away regarding his “work” for companies that were given concessions and privileges during his tenure costing the taxpayer millions.

From the Times of Malta Sun May 28th “Joseph Muscat got €11,800 monthly contract months after Dragonara casino deal`”

He is trying to distance himself from the fraudulent deals that the government made during his tenure costing the taxpayer millions. He would have us forget that as Prime Minister he was the head of government. Well we’re not forgetting.

Joseph Muscat is a cornered rat, and his only possible solution is to show his fangs in the hope that it will cause fear. Well, I have news for him. No one is afraid of him. No one has any reason to.

In the end, justice will prevail. We’re not stopping till it does.


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