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Ridiculous Lorry

The photo above by Jon Borg gives an idea of the ridiculously excessive heavy police presence at the Republic Day activities.

My information is that one-third of the police force were called in for duty for the event.

It seems that the Police Commissioner Lorry Cutajar’s assessment of the size of the crowds who attend protests is wildly different from that of those who have a problem with people protesting but no problem with corruption or a state sponsored assassination.

Those with no problem with corruption or a state sponsored assassination claim that the protesters (the people who do have a problem with corruption and state-sponsored assasinations) amount to “erbat iqtates”.

800 policemen for “erbat iqtates”? Rather Pyongyangish I would say.

His perspective on resource allocation show that his management skills need an upgrade.

For example he should have considered sparing a couple of those hundreds of police officers to round up Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi.


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