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Rule of Law or Mob Rule

This is a point in the history of our nation where the choice is not between PN or PL, but between the Rule of Law and Mob Rule - the overshadowing of the Rule of Law by the whims, needs, and passions of a mob.

This country is being put to the test, and it is clear that we are rapidly descending into Mob Rule. And once a country descends into Mob Rule, the alternative stops being the Rule of Law. The alternative becomes one mob or the other mob.

This is happening because of a number of reasons. Integrity and logic have been replaced by passions and self-interest. Rules and limits have been supplanted by impunity and lawlessness. This is the age of disillusion and disgruntlement in the face of politicians who to many have come to represent "the establishment" or "the elite", and this environment favours populist governments and leaders.

Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms have accelerated public discourse to warp speed, creating virtual versions of the mob. Inflammatory posts based on passion travel farther and faster than arguments based on reason.

If we continue to turn our back on the Rule of Law, we will continue to be subject to leaders creating their own rules and changing those rules as it suits and benefits them. Mob rule strengthens the hand of the populist leader, while decreasing the legitimacy of the institutions, which are eventually overrun.

So this is the choice. A Malta driven by the Rule of Law or a Malta driven by Mob Rule. A country grounded in the Rule of Law or grounded in Mob Rule. It can't be both at the same time. We'd better choose fast. We are close to a point of no-return.


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