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Thank you Angelo

Keith Schembri has much to thank Police Commissioner Angelo Gafà for. Schembri has plenty to answer for, yet so far has evaded justice, not least thanks to Gafà. Gafà, along with the Attorney General Victoria Buttigieg, has become Malta's biggest and most significant hindrances to justice.

Buttigieg and Gafà have become the number one protector of corrupt politicians and their associates, rendering them untouchables. They simply refuse to act, even in the face of incontrovertible evidence of serious wrong-doing.

It has come to a point where for them to act, someone needs to get the court to order them to do so, as Rule of Law NGO Repubblika have just done. There is enough evidence, we are told by the court, to indict Schembri for having leaked evidence to Fenech in real-time for the duration of the investigation into Daphne Caruana Galizia's heinous assassination, breaking secrecy laws that carry a prison sentence. Yet the Attorney General and the Police Commissioner flatly refuse to act on this evidence.

“The court observes that Yorgen Fenech, upon his own admission, had been – for over two years – allegedly receiving this restricted and sensitive information about the police investigations into the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, both from the Assistant Commissioner of Police Silvio Valletta and from Keith Schembri.

Judge Lawrence Mintoff

“there are clear indications as to who was responsible and enough evidence to charge [these persons] over such crimes.”

Judge Lawrence Mintoff

There you have it. A pronouncement by the court. That there is enough evidence to charge Schembri and ex-Deputy Commissioner Silvio Valletta with the crimes of having leaked the information. They have broken secrecy acts that carry a prison sentence, obstructed justice, and aided and abetted a self-confessed criminal - Fenech (he even requested a Presidential pardon for his crimes) - giving him the opportunity to tamper with the evidence.

Attorney General Victoria Buttigieg has continued in the footsteps of her predecessor Peter Grech in making a mockery of the office of the Attorney General. Police Commissioner Angelo Gafà has continued in the footsteps of his predecessor Lawrence Cutajar making a mockery of the police force.

The people of Malta surely deserve better than this. They deserve an Attorney General and a Police Commissioner of unparalleled integrity and competence. They deserve a country where justice and law and order reign supreme.

And it is high time that justice for the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia be served. Every single person who was involved in any way or form, at any level, should be behind bars.


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