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The lies and spin from the Labour camp on the Vitals hospitals inquiry


The lies and spin from the Labour camp on the Vitals hospitals inquiry started a long time before the inquiry was published. The lies and spin only serve to convince of the guilt of those the inquiry recommended charges be brought against.

Here are five of the lies:

  1. The magistrate involved was biased.

There is absolutely nothing to suggest that the magistrate was biased. The fact that members of her family expressed an opinion on political issues does not translate into bias or prejudice on the part of the magistrate.

2. The magistrate did not ask Joseph Muscat for his version on the matter.

Joseph Muscat was asked to give his version regarding the matter, and the date set was the 9th April 2024, however, Joseph Muscat did not turn up.

3. The submission of the inquiry to the AG was timed to coincide with the launch of the EP electoral campaign.

This suggestion is senseless, illogical, and ridiculous. Why would the magistrate do such a thing? Why risk a blow to her credibility?

4. The inquiry is a second Egrant.

The "first" Egrant is a matter which is not closed. The fact that the magistrate was unable to find evidence of Joseph Muscat's (or Michelle Muscat's) involvement in Egrant does not mean that he did not have any connection. As Carl Sagan said - “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”

5. This is all a frame-up by the establishment.

How exactly is this a frame-up, on what basis is this assumption being made, and who is the establishment? An establishment is usually taken to mean those who have power or influence, like the government. The Opposition Party cannot possibly be defined as an establishment as it wields no such power. Neither can any NGO by any stretch of the imagination. The suggestion is nothing short of ludicrous. One can expect only court-grade evidence from the inquiry. The real issue lies here - will the AG and the Police Commissioner do their job to ensure that justice is served?

People who have nothing to hide, who are people who are honest and of integrity do not need lies and spin. They are serene in the face of justice. Joseph Muscat, Robert Abela, and their faithful look anything but serene, despite their best efforts to seem so.

They know the noose is tightening.


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