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The Midas touch

Oh dear, Joseph Muscat has taken umbrage! How dare anyone needle him on whether he approved of Konrad Mizzi’s telling Keith Schembri: “I want to do what you do, because everything you touch turns to gold.” during his questioning by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC)! That didn’t mean that Konrad Mizzi wanted to get rich, he lectured the PAC.

Then, all riled up by this line of questioning, he turned to the Public Accounts Committee member who posed this question – PAC chair, Opposition MP Darren Carabott – and with a menacing scowl challenged him to a duel. “I could take you anytime, anywhere.” he told him.

People like Joseph Muscat thrive on lies, twisting reality to suit their needs at that moment in time, and when anything comes close to upsetting or contradicting the lie, they flip.

The truth is that whatever Muscat touched stunk to high heaven of corruption, starting from his Chief of Staff Keith Schembri and Super Minister Konrad Mizzi, to all the deals that the government entered into – Vitals/Steward, Electrogas, AUM, Montenegro windfarms, the cronyism, the countless direct orders.

The impunity, the blurred lines between what is business, what is government and what is criminal are typical of a Mafia state.

The problem such people have is that they need to surround themselves with liars who will support their lies, and the whole web becomes so complex that it’s hard to manage. At some point something will give, and then something else, then another. And then the house of cards comes tumbling down. It’s just a matter of time.

Even with an emasculated law and order, and justice system, Muscat cannot keep on dodging the bullet much longer. He will be betrayed by those who sold their soul to him when he was in power.



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