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The noose is tightening

It’s only a desperate, lonely and isolated man who would go on Smash TV on Emanuel Cuschieri’s show to spout his drivel. Gone are the days when disgraced former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat had the national TV station and One TV at his beck and call to disseminate his propaganda.

Joseph Muscat is playing the empathy card. He’s the underdog. The media is out to get him. The inquiring magistrate investigating his role in the hospitals concession is not impartial. He is indignant that justice is not just with him. He will not take this lying down he informed us.

Of course, he is comforted by the fact that we have a Police Commissioner who is reluctant to take action against high profile figures, and an Attorney General who seems reluctant to see justice done. But evidence bearing witness to all his wrong-doing during his tenure as Prime Minister is piling up, much of it in the public domain. To the extent that he is being kept at arm’s length even by the party that once deified him.

No wonder he is trying to stem the conversation on anything to do with him.

Egrant? He’ll sue anyone who dares whisper that name again he thundered. Incidentally I’m one of those who would like to see the case reopened with different terms of reference – that of determining who it belonged to, or was to belong to, and its purpose. So if he wants to make a note of this so that he can sue me, he can be my guest.

The hospitals’ concession (heist)? The court never said that he committed fraud or any criminal deed, and neither did the NAO (National Audit Office), he told us: the court did say however that the government entered into a fraudulent deal, while the NAO was highly critical of the whole affair. And last I checked the Prime Minister heads the government.

The money he earns as a consultant? That’s remuneration for legitimate work he told us. What he fails to say is that the people who employ him as consultants tend to be people who have made a killing off concessions and privileges granted to them under his tenure.

Spinning, half-truths, obfuscating the truth, are the order of the day with Joseph Muscat. He is after all, the Artful Dodger, the OCCRP 2019 PERSON OF THE YEAR IN ORGANIZED CRIME AND CORRUPTION.

If things weren’t looking bad for Joseph Muscat, he wouldn’t be fighting back in desperation. The noose is tightening, and he knows it. It’s a matter of time till Lady Justice catches up with him.


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