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The plural of Machiavelli is …

Machiavelli would have had a blast working at the Prime Minister’s office at Castille, the command centre of a network of unprecedented and unparalleled corruption and crime, deception and lies.

Former prime minister’s chief of staff Keith Schembri has told us himself that Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and himself were best friends. Schembri was Muscat’s closest collaborator both at work and within the Labour Party. The two would spend far more time together on a daily basis then they would spend with their families.

It’s surprising they didn’t share a carrier pigeon doctor.

They even attended Secret Services meetings together. Meetings about cases in which Schembri was possibly involved.

It’s hard to believe that Muscat was not aware of what Schembri was up to, in whole or in part, unless he is extremely dull, naive, gullible or incompetent. His track record shows he is neither.

The evidence is indisputable. The whole world – literally – had worked out what Schembri was up to years ago, thanks to the sterling work of the independent media.

For example it’s not hard to work out why Yorgen Fenech, was going to pay him 5,000 euros a day. And this is substantiated by official documents.

When a hooded man with a revolver in his hand bursts into a bank instructing the cashier to hand over the money, he doesn’t sign a declaration that it’s a hold-up for people to work out that it is one.

But the monster that Muscat helped create by capturing the institutions, dismantling rule of law and defending the indefensible, has grown far too large for him to control. It now controls him, and he is unable to put the genie back into the bottle.

When someone in high office- for example a prime minister – knowingly protects a criminal using his authority, power, influence and the trust placed in him by the electorate, it’s not a “mistake”.

It’s a lie. It’s obstruction of justice. It’s a crime.

Everyone knows that.

Do not remain silent in public or in private. Do not choose self-preservation over justice and democracy. Do not choose inertia.

Silence in the face of evil is itself evil Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The price will come heavy. And it will have to be paid by us and by future generations.


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