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The sheer gall

The decision made by Judge Lawrence Mintoff in the case brought by Yorgen Fenech (who has the sheer gall to complain that his rights were being breached) shows the depths to which Malta has descended. Malta has become an infernal abyss of iniquity, of crime, corruption and impunity.

Yorgen Fenech had requested a presidential pardon- twice. That's an absolute and definitive admission of guilt. Only someone who has committed a crime needs to be pardoned. Only someone with a nefarious agenda could think and claim otherwise. Judge Lawrence Mintoff's judgement makes it very clear too, that Yorgen Fenech's involvement was no chance involvement.

"Yorgen Fenech wants us to believe that, in this most naive senseless way, one of the leading businessmen in the country ended up unwittingly involved in the financing of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination"

Judge Lawrence Mintoff

It's also clear from the judgement that the person who was possibly the most powerful man in the country at the time - the Prime Minister's chief of staff, Keith Schembri - was complicit in the obstruction of justice at the very least. That the Police Commissioner at the time - Lawrence Cutajar - was complicit in the obstruction of justice at the very least. That the initial chief investigator - Deputy Commissioner Silvio Valletta - was complicit in the obstruction of justice at the very least. All are duty-bound by law to secrecy in such matters. They all deserve to be behind bars.

“The greatest institutional shortcoming in this homicide investigation were the continuous leaks of confidential and restricted information and the possible compromising of evidence as their consequence"

Judge Lawrence Mintoff

Yet despite this, the Attorney General Victoria Buttigieg, and the Police Commissioner Angelo Gafa, look on vacantly, as though nothing of note had happened. They are supposed to be amongst those who safeguard justice and law and order, yet they seem more intent on hindering them to the benefit of puppet masters.

“The court is of the understanding that before those responsible for the aforementioned leaks are found and duly punished, it will be hard restore the public’s trust in the integrity of the Force.” 

Judge Lawrence Mintoff

"it is corrupt and criminal that the Attorney General and the Commissioner of Police did not indict people with political power and accuse them of flagrant and amply proven crimes."

Repubblika statement

It's high time that people realise that we live in a Mafia state - and it's no figure of speech - with the point of intersection being the office of the Prime Minister. It's high time that people start tangibly showing their disgust at this state of affairs. It's high time people stopped sitting on the fence, out of fear of some form of retribution for speaking out or out of indifference. It's high time that people fight for the country they would like themselves and future generations to live in, a country where justice, law and order prevail. It's high time people show integrity and do the right thing.

It's high time for justice for the heinous assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia to be served.


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