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True socialists

There’s a special place in hell for those who take advantage of the ill, the infirm, the elderly, the vulnerable. And there can be no doubt that that’s exactly what the Muscat-Schembri-Mizzi triumvirate shamelessly did.

Joseph Muscat, Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri concocted a deal which would earn a handful a people a ton of money, taxpayer money. Money that could have put to good use in healthcare. Cancer drugs etc. It was a deal designed to put many millions into a few pockets, and having least of all the wellbeing of the people of Malta in mind.

It’s not Andre Delicata who’s saying it. It’s the Court that’s saying it. It’s the National Auditor’s Office (NAO) that’s saying it. It’s the column inches of evidence bought to us by the independent media, initially by Daphne Caruana Galizia, and then by others, especially The Shift News.

The amount and level of sleaze and skullduggery involved beggars belief.

It is astonishing that people who call themselves Socialists have no issue with millions of money in corruption stolen from our universal health care system. Any true socialist would be upset and indignant. It would seem that there are few socialists left in New Labour.

It is now up to the Attorney General and the police who need to take action. Neither seem particularly keen to see justice done.

Of course, we will all persevere till they do, however long and hard the road may be. We will not falter, we will not stop till justice is done, and those who should long have been behind bars are in jail.

It’s about time true socialists, socialists with integrity, put aside petty partisan allegiances and start supporting what they profess to believe in.



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