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Why the EU “interferes”

The Labour Party has never understood what the European Union is. What it is and how it functions. Or it understood, but deliberately misleads and misguides its supporters because doing so is vital to its agenda, which requires impunity.

Within the EU the Rule of Law in all its members is of particular importance.

It is a key pre-requisite to join the EU. And it is an unconditional requisite to uphold all obligations deriving from the Treaties and from international law, with heavy penalties including sanctions contemplated for not upholding it.

Respect for the Rule of Law is intrinsically linked to respect for democracy and for fundamental rights: there can be no democracy and respect for fundamental rights without respect for the Rule of Law and vice versa.

Under the Articles of the EU, the EU is founded on the shared values of democracy, the Rule of Law and respect for fundamental rights.

The Articles establish two mechanisms (preventive and sanctions) to enforce EU values in cases of systemic violations and to sanction Member States departing from them.

The confidence of all EU citizens and national authorities in the legal systems of all other Member States is vital for the functioning of the whole EU as “an area of freedom, security and justice without internal frontiers”.

This is why the EU has a strong interest in safeguarding and strengthening the Rule of Law across the Union.

That’s why the state of the Rule of Law in Malta (and in all other countries within the EU) and matters pertaining to it are not just a national matter but an EU matter. It’s concern about the Rule of Law in Malta is not interference into our sovereignty.

It’s what Malta signed up for when it joined the EU. It’s one of the reasons why Malta joined the EU.

Labour. How about you start telling your supporters the truth. The whole truth?



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