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The local media reported that Rosianne Cutajar is livid. She's angry that the Prime Minister, Robert Abela, has asked her to issue an apology before accepting her back to the PL parliamentary group.

The media report was on MaltaToday. I rarely give any weight to reports on this portal as it is full of government propaganda. It is a tool used by the PL party for disinformation. Suffice to say that its owner, Saviour Balzan, was close to Keith Schembri, close enough to have phone calls with him at 1 a.m., and he earns millions through government contracts which the government tries hard to hide.

Yet it's very credible that she is angry at this request by the Prime Minister, or rather the condition he is placing on her for her rehabilitation. As Mark Camilleri points out on his blog, Rosianne Cutajar cannot apologise without incriminating herself.

If she apologises for lying about her ties to Yorgen Fenech, she committed perjury when suing Mark Camilleri for alleging these ties, or was ready to commit perjury. Mark Camilleri's release of WhatsApp conversations proving her ties are real and definitive, are the reason why she dropped the case. Perjury is a criminal offence.

If she apologises for her phantom job with ITS, this was illegitimate and fraudulent at every level, and apologising for this would mean she is admitting guilt to the criminal offence of fraud.

PN got this all wrong when they demanded that Cutajar repay every cent she earned from her ITS job back to the public coffers. They should have pushed for her prosecution.

If you commit a crime, restitution is only a part of justice.

And how can the PL parliamentary group possibly accept a person within its folds with such a baggage? Is it because it's become normalised to have people with baggage within its ranks?

In the meantime, Police Commissioner Angelo Gafa should not be waiting for Cutajar's apology to move ahead with charging her for perjury and fraud. But we know he won't, don't we?


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