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Labour rewarding crime

Robert Abela

Hundreds of people were receiving money from the government, taxpayer money - (the taxes you and I pay) that they were not entitled to.

The Prime Minister's justification for the presidential pardon - that the beneficiaries were not aware that they were committing a crime - is ludicrous. Fraud is a crime, and everyone knows it. You don't need to be a legal expert to know this.

The excuse that they were vulnerable people in desperate need is just as poor. If they accepted the money because they were in need, this still does not make it legal. It does however reflect poorly on a supposedly socialist government.

This is a story of corruption, crime, and vote-buying, in which there are no modern-day Robin Hoods.

A presidential pardon to hundreds of people who committed fraud rewards crime, and fosters a culture of impunity. This is however a price that Robert Abela and his Cabinet of Ministers are ready to pay, to ensure that they win a few votes. This is typical of the Labour party.

The opposition party has not been vociferous about this issue at all. It has been very silent and absent. Its reaction should have been immediate, definite, and loud. It needs to show that it is different and that it does not tolerate corruption or crime under any circumstances.

If YOU don't speak up, this country will continue being a Mafia state, a country brazenly headed by a criminal organisation, unfettered, unchallenged. It's time for each person in this country to stand up to this evil. Otherwise, we are truly lost.


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