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Letting corruption thrive

The environment is perfect - total impunity and state capture. Malta is a best practice on how to have corruption thrive.

And it's clear that the party in government does not want things to change, according to a report by GRECO.

GRECO is the Council of Europe's anti-corruption body. In its last report on Malta, Malta failed miserably in its fight against corruption. It heavily criticised the government for failing to take on board its recommendations which had been made in 2019. The report, by the Council of Europe’s anti-corruption body GRECO, examines the measures taken by the government in its fight against corruption, following a series of recommendations adopted in 2019. In May 2022, Malta was given 18 months to bring itself in line with the recommendations.

Malta only implemented 4 out of the 23 recommendations laid out by GRECO in 2019.

Greco noted that:

“Malta is not in sufficient compliance with the recommendations contained in the Fifth Round Evaluation Report”

and have requested a report from the Maltese authorities detailing progress on outstanding recommendations by 31 December. They also urged the Statutory Committee’s President to notify Malta’s Permanent Representative to the Council of Europe about the non-compliance and the need for prompt action.

Yet the government propaganda stated otherwise, making it seem that Malta has passed the test with flying colours.

It seems that the Labour party is happy to lie through its teeth and make it seem that corruption has been reined in. It's because the current state of affairs suits the Labour party. The sad part is that many are happy to believe this drivel, because it suits them too.


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