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Michael Falzon and the social benefits fraud - guilt or incompetence?

The social benefits fraud scheme ran under the nose of Minister Michael Falzon. We don't know whether it took place with his blessing or not.

What we do know is that the people around him orchestrated it. His people. The ones he spends endless hours with. It all happened under his ministry.

He owes the Maltese nation an explanation. Something a bit more than the Facebook post he wrote.

“The way he gave his back to journalists demonstrates the Ministers' contempt towards the public, which has every right to expect that government ministers do not protect criminals,”

Rule of Law NGO Repubblika

We're fed up with reading and hearing people say that they "categorically deny any involvement" as if saying that automatically makes you an innocent man.

Falzon must believe that he has an audience of Gahans that will believe anything he says. The crux of the matter lies here, and he knows it. He's not in a good place. He's either guilty beyond belief, or incompetent beyond belief. Either way, he should resign.

And all those involved should be behind bars. Not even a Gahan can fail to understand that fraud is a criminal offence.


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